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Safer Spaces Summer

Everyone deserves

to enjoy a night out without fear.

That’s why we’re on a mission to advocate for safer experiences of Australia’s nightlife industry where all patrons and workers – regardless of gender – are free from harassment, abuse and violence.



of support from Australia’s venue and festival representatives who are ready to join our mission. These pledges represent the collective effort to implement better practices, training and nightlife environments for safer nights out.


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Stories Shared

from survivors who have experienced harassment, abuse or violence during a nightlife experience. These stories have served as the foundational framework of the Safer Spaces Report and inform evidence-based recommendations for Australia’s industry leaders.


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Safer Spaces is a behaviour change and awareness initiative dedicated to making the Australian nightlife economy safer for everyone. By bringing together industry leaders and safety-focused community partners, we aim to collectively impact positive, long lasting change with actionable, survivor-led and data informed steps.

Sponsored by Uber, a global leader in ride services, the Safer Spaces Summer campaign will also bring focus to rideshare as a significant influence on Australia’s nightlife economy. The rideshare and entertainment industries are intrinsically linked, with ride services contributing to the convenience, safety and economic vitality of nightlife experiences. This is why our collaboration is crucial in creating a nightlife economy where patron safety and wellbeing aren’t compromised.

Safer Spaces: Gendered Safety in the Night Time Economy Report (2023)

Foundational to our Safer Spaces Summer project, the Safer Spaces: Gendered Safety in the Night Time Economy Report (2023) leverages the extensive survivor-led data collected by She’s A Crowd and industry partners since 2018 to advocate for safer nightlife spaces across Australia.

In collaboration with Uber and community changemakers, She’s A Crowd presents this comprehensive report as a powerful call to action for recreational spaces in the night time economy to engage with its insights and recommendations.

This groundbreaking report delves into the prevalence of pervasive and detrimental attitudes and behaviours surrounding gender-based violence within the Australian night time economy. Directed at venues and festivals, our first-of-its-kind report offers accessible insights and tangible, actionable recommendations for cultivating safer spaces for all.


You can explore the full report by clicking the link below.

We’ve partnered with some of the most influential organisations in the field, including Angela Safety, On The CUSP, Dance Without Fear, DanceWize NSW and What Were You Wearing? Australia. Together, we’ll be working to better understand gender-based violence in the nightlife industry in order to address the issue. To learn more about our Community Partners and the work they do, click on the logos below or pledge your support to receive our Community Partner Resources.

Pledge your support

Are you an Australian venue or festival representative? We’d love to work with you. By pledging your support, you’ll join a community of changemakers working towards creating safer experiences for everyone. Want to know more about what getting involved means for you? Scroll down to see our pledge benefits.

What your involvement looks like

When you pledge your support, your venue or festival will receive a Summer Safety Pack of behaviour change and advocacy posters, stickers, a digital media kit for your socials, a Community Partner Resources booklet and first access to the Safer Spaces Report. Pledging is entirely FREE – we’ll even print and send you the posters for no cost! As an added bonus, we’ll feature your festival in our running pledge count on the upcoming Safer Spaces website and our social media, where you’ll gain exposure to our online audience of over 140,000 followers. Free promotion? Why not!

Safer Spaces Report

Media Kit

Community Partner Resources

Posters and Stickers

The Current Landscape 

of Australia’s Nightlife

Research (and our data) highlights a clear lack of effective safety measures in the nightlife industry. The result of this is the enablement of perpetrators to enact harassment, abuse and violence in nightlife spaces without consequence. This needs to end, and you can help us to achieve this.


If this has brought anything up for you, or you are generally seeking support as a survivor of gender-based violence, you can access support through our Global Resources page, or by talking to our digital chatbot – Amy.

of women on a night out

have experienced harassment in Sydney's nightlife spaces

of passengers who are women

have experienced some form of questionable behavior by a rideshare driver during their journey

Have a story to share?

Even if you’re not a venue or festival representative, you can help us achieve our mission by sharing your story of gender-based violence within Australia’s nightlife settings. Not only will this provide you with a safe and anonymous place to disclose, but your experience will also help to inform our understanding of the issue and how best to provide solutions. Join a community of over 120,000 survivors who are changing the story. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Safer Spaces Campaign?

The Safer Spaces Campaign is a collaborative initiative dedicated to creating a safer Australian nightlife economy, with a focus on eliminating harassment and gender-based violence. It's all about making the nightlife experience secure, enjoyable, and free from fear.

What is involved in the Safer Spaces Campaign?

We've partnered with leading organisations like What Were You Wearing? Australia, Dance Without Fear, On The CUSP, DanceWize NSW and Angela Safety to address issues related to gender-based violence and harassment in the nightlife industry. As the lead sponsor of the Safer Spaces Campaign, Uber is also enabling us to strengthen our reach and impact on a nationwide audience and take a multifaceted perspective on the connecting influence of the rideshare and nightlife industries. By collaborating with safety and nightlife-focused change-makers, we can collectively take data-driven steps to create a safer nightlife for all.

Why is the campaign also focusing on rideshare?

Rideshare services have a substantial impact on the nightlife experience. By partnering with Uber, we can help to improve safety and training standards within nighttime transportation and ensure patrons and staff are getting to and from nightlife destinations safely. 

How can I get involved?

If you’re a venue or festival representative, you can get involved by pledging your support and joining our community of change-makers. Your support helps us raise awareness, implement data-driven solutions, and educate venue and festival staff and patrons about nightlife safety. If you’re an individual, you can support the Safer Spaces Campaign by sharing your story at She’s A Crowd, following us across our social media channels, sharing our content online or telling your friends, colleagues and family about the campaign.

What are the benefits of supporting the campaign?

Supporting the campaign means creating a safer nightlife environment where you and others can enjoy nights out without fear. If you pledge your support, you'll also be part of a community dedicated to positive change and receive visibility and promotion for your commitment.

How can I spread the word?

You can spread the word by sharing our campaign materials, using our social media hashtags, and encouraging your friends and colleagues to get involved. Every share and conversation helps raise awareness about safer nightlife.

What steps are being taken to ensure the campaign's success?

We are employing data-informed, survivor-focused actions. This includes providing education for rideshare drivers, raising awareness in venues, and working with our Community Partners and pledged venues and festivals to implement safety measures that will help to transform the nightlife industry into a safer space.

How can I keep up with the campaign's progress and impact?

Stay connected with us on our website and social media channels. Once the campaign is launched in late November, we will regularly share updates, stories, and information on our efforts and achievements in creating safer spaces for all.

Is the campaign limited to specific regions in Australia, or is it nationwide?

The campaign aims to have a nationwide impact. We're dedicated to improving the safety of the Australian nightlife economy as a whole, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their nights out without fear. Anyone from anywhere in Australia can get involved in the Safer Spaces Campaign. 

Why is it a summer campaign?

Gender-based violence experiences seasonal variations, with increased occurrences during the summer months due to a combination of factors. Summer brings about a surge in social gatherings (such as festivals, gigs and other events), amplified alcohol and substance use, an influx of tourists, heightened financial stress, extended daylight hours, and increased mobility. These circumstances can create environments where conflicts are more likely to escalate into gender-based violence incidents. It's important to recognise that gender-based violence can occur year-round, necessitating year-round efforts in prevention, education, and support for survivors to create safer environments for everyone.